how to play?


If there is no bot in the chat yet, complete the setup according to instructions


If the game is not running yet, one of the players can start registration by writing /game in the chat.


Join the game, wait for the registration to complete and assign one of the roles.


the city falls asleep...


At night complete silence reigns in the chat (the bot deletes all messages and temporarily blocks it for trying to start a conversation). Players perform their secret actions in dialogue with the bot. As soon as all the "night" players make their move or as soon as the allotted time ends, Day comes.

not everyone wakes up...


By day the bot reports on the events of the past night. Live players can discuss these events. Dead players are silent (the bot deletes their messages and temporarily blocks them for trying to start a conversation). At the end of the day, live players vote and decide who to lynch. After the victim is selected, the lynching confirmation procedure begins. Live players must confirm or deny the decision. If the majority is "for", then the winner of the vote dies. Then Night comes again.}

how long can this last?

The game lasts as long as the players of one of the active parties are alive. The game can be completed earlier if the outcome of the game is obvious, for example, there are 2 civilians and 4 mafias left)